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his short list of running mates. he made the comment at a fund-raiser in virginia beach. romney called mcdonald an incredible governor who would be on any candidate's short list for a vice president. romney also said his short list includes new jersey governor chris christie and florida senator marco rubio. >> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. officer accused. lurid details out this morning about the local lawman now charged with attempted murder. and football flurry. the redskins making moves already. who's staying and who's going? good morning. welcome back to "news 4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. it is wednesday, july 27th, 2011. let's take a live look outside at 5:00 a.m. it is 78 degrees. look at that. a lot less hazy than we've seen in the last few days.
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we had a very nice day yesterday. we're hoping for more of the same. even a little break in the humidity makes it feel so much better, tom. >> yes. for those starting to throw the football around, we're happy for this. we've had this searing to, torr heat and humidity. we did get a break in the humidity. today another day with low humidity on the way this wednesday morning. temperatures under a clear sky now are into the low 60s many locations in west virginia, parts of the shenandoah valley. and blue ridge east, though, we're in the low 70s most areas, except right near the waters, we're in the upper 70s to near 80. it's near 80 in washington as well. arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties, it's down to the low 70s now. the view from space over the last 12 hours showing a wonderful clear sky now after we had a few thunder showers passing overnight. sunrise at 6:05. temperatures by 9:00 with the
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beautiful blue sky into the low 80s. by the afternoon ought to hit the mid-90s. you'll need sun block. going to be out for a prolonged period. a look at your night planner. that will be in about ten minutes. good morning. how's traffic. >> let's look at some of our interstates and our area starting out in maryland. this is the beltway at seven locks. the beltway in both directions it clear. if you're traveling 95 in baltimore in both directions, i'm checking for you as well. i see no incidents in the roadways for you. shooting down to virginia 95 north at pohick road, see some cars on the road, but those cars are traveling at a good speed, and it's clear for you. if you continue on to 395, this is at edsall, you're clear down to the 14th street bridge. eun and joe, back to you. one of mt. rainier's top police officers is due in court this morning. he is facing a dozen charges after investigators say he tried to sexually abuse the young man and then shot him as he tried to get away.
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news 4's tracee wilkins is live in mt. rainier with the latest now. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: officer gene gillette has been with the mt. rainier police department for three years, and all three of those years, he's been voted the department's top cop. yesterday he turned himself in to prince george's county police. this is the video of 27-year-old gene gillette turning himself in to the prince george's county police department yesterday after a grand jury indicted him on 12 charges, including attempted murder, voluntary manslaughter, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment, and sexual assault. this all stems back to an incident that happened outside of gillette's home in capitol heights earlier in july. he alleged that a man had tried to carjack him and he had to shoot that man in self-defense, but after an investigation prince george's county police revealed that is not what happened, and a grand jury agreed with what police found in their investigation. now, we are hearing reports that what actually happened there is that a young man was lured there
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under false pretenses to gillette's home, was given alcohol, and then tried to escape. that's when he was shot. police are now continuing their investigation. again, gillette is in custody, turned himself in yesterday. i'm tracee wilkins, live this morning in mt. rainier. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. 5:04 is the time. the debt showdown has hit yet another snag with time quickly heading towards the nation's first ever default. a vote on house speaker john boehner's plan to raise the debt ceiling is postponed until tomorrow. the delay came after a report from the congressional budget office showed thaboner's plan would cut spending by less than $1 trillion over the next ten years rather than the $1.2 trillion he had originally said. the white house said it will veto the speaker's bill if it does, in fact, pass both houses, but it's unlikely to pass the senate. a vote on a competing plan proposed by democratic senate majority leader harry reid has yet to be scheduled.
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the chairman of the fairfax county board of supervisors says the stalling debt talks could hurt one of the biggest transportation projects in our region. sharon bulova says the dulles rail project is in jeopardy if congress does not act quickly on the debt limit. bulova wrote a letter to congressman jim moran arguing that no debt deal is threatening the county's aaa credit rating. and it would jeopardize all future improvement projects, including the dulles rail project. embattled congressman david wu bowed to pressure and announced his resignation, but the exact date is unknown. he's been caught in a sex scandal involving an 18-year-old. the oregonian newspaper reported he had an unwanted sexual encounter with the daughter of a childhood friend and campaign donor. he says he plans to leave office once the debt ceiling crisis is resolved. the redskins are already making moves in what is just the beginning of a frantic week. and one of the first orders of business seems to be getting rid
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of donovan mcnabb. according to several reports, the minnesota vikings are talking with the skins in an effort to acquire the veteran quarterback. the holdup, however, is mcnabb's wealthy contract, which is the vikings would want to restructure so they won't have to pay him quite as much money. new from overnight, espn is reporting that the redskins have agreed to a deal with new york giants defensive lineman barry cofield, the potential replacement for albert haynesworth will reportedly sign the six-year, $36 million contract on friday. about $12 million of that is guaranteed money. cofield is 27 and coming off one of his best years with the rival giants. and santana moss will be back with the burgundy and gold this season. he's the first skins free agent to get signed. moss agreed to a three-year deal worth $15 million. $6 million of that is guaranteed. he had wup of his most productive seasons last year, pulling in a career high 93 catches for more than 1,100 yards and 6 touchdowns. if the lockout had you
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longing for some football as soon as possible, the redskins practices will soon be open to the public beginning this saturday on july 30th, fans will be able to get into redskins park po to watch the teamwork out. gates open at 8:30 in the morning. you will need a training camp fan invitation to get in, but you can get one of those for free through your e-mail by heading over to and filling out a simple form. fans can attend 11 practices this season. the excitement that football is back has fans rushing to grab up tickets. ticketmaster says sales on its nfl ticket exchange went up 332% from sunday to monday this week. sales are up nearly 300% from a week ago. seems like fans were holding out just in case a deal didn't go through. snap up those tickets. they'll be sold out soon. >> yes indeed. ahead, one controversial comment. who one nationals executive compared top prospect bryce harper
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welcome back. at 5:10, 77 degrees. beautiful dark blue sky out there. looks like a movie set or something like that. something bad is about to happen. let's hope not. >> let's go to tom kierein in stormcenter 4. it is a serene summer morning. we do have the low humidity in place. right now it's 80s in washington and by the bay. low 70s in montgomery, arlington, fairfax, and montgomery counties. now 60s out in the mountains. sunrise is a little less than an hour away. it will be at 6:05. by noontime, we'll be in the upper 80s. bright sun and a blue sky throughout the day. maybe low to mid-90s through the afternoon. but a dry heat with low humidity. overnight tonight, neers your night planner. a beautiful summer evening.
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still not very humid. sunrise at 8:24. by late evening a few clouds coming in. by midnight into the upper 70s. a look at changes on the way for the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minutes. here's a look at traffic. good morning, danella. >> good morning. let's start out in virginia. if you're traveling inner loop of the beltway as you pass route 7, you're going to see an accident on your right shoulder lane. just be aware of that as you're making your commute. also want to give you a live look at the roadways. this is 270 and montrose road. i see no accidents. however, 270 south is picking up just a little bit of steam. you're still traveling at a good rate. just be aware commuters are getting on the roadways right now. in d.c., your roadways are clear. this is south dakota and rhode island avenue. i see no accidents for you as you're making your way around d.c. and the rails are looking great. they're open, and so far all are on time or close to schedule. metro, marc, vre all looking good. back to you, eun and joe. >> danella, thank you.
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it is now 5:12. 77 degrees. ahead on "news 4 today," the happy meal change bringing a smile to the first
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you need to leave this area. >> congressman luis gutierrez is scheduled to be on capitol hill today one day after his arrest in front of the white house. park police say the democrat was among a dozen people charged with disobeying an official order. gutierrez told demonstrators president obama can't entirely blame republicans for blocking immigration reform. he says the president can stop deporting immigrants who have
5:17 am
deep roots in the u.s. gutierrez was arrested during a similar demonstration last year outside the white house as well. today members of the u.s. army will hold a ceremonial farewell to the famous and historic walter reed army medical center as it gets ready to shut down. it first opened in 1909 and has treated some 18,000 troops as well as president dwight eisenhower. it has been slated to close since 2005 when the commission decided to merge the hospital with the national naval medical center in bethesda. they'll officially close its doors on december the 15th. al qaeda is losing its grip as a major terror network. that's what counterterrorism officials in today's washington post said. earlier this month, defense secretary leon panetta also said he felt the u.s. is within reach
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of ending al qaeda. that doesn't mean it or its affiliates are not capable of attacks. police evacuated part of oslo's central train station in norway because of a suspicious package. the abandoned piece of luggage was harmless. meanwhile, the british media report the man carrying out the attacks in norway planned to inject poison into bullets. norwegian police have not confirmed the report, but the uk's daily mail newspaper cited the shooter's manifesto. apparently, he intended to inject lethal doses of nicotine into the bullets. at least 77 people were killed in the shooting spree and bombing attack on friday. the attack was the first in norway's modern history. 5:18 now. the judge in the case against casey anthony will keep names of jurors private until october. the orlando jury has faced threats since finding anthony not guilty of killing her daughter and guilty of lying to investigators.
5:19 am
judge belvin perry implemented a three-month cooling off period to keep the jury's safety, but could not find an exemption in the florida laws to keep the jury's names private permanently. dunkin donuts parent company begins trading publicly today. analysts expect the company to use that money to expand out west and challenge starbucks. dunkin donuts actually sells more coffee than donuts. let the countdown begin. it's exactly one year until the 2012 olympics in london. the milestone will be marked by 17-year-old tom daley from britain taking the first dive in the new $442 million aquatic center. he recently qualified for his second olympics. london is expected to welcome more than 10,000 athlete frs
5:20 am
200-plus countries, and they'll bring along 10,000 coaches and officials, 20,000 media personnel, and countless visitors. oh, no! boy, is that a large gaffe. >> well, that one hurt. the big lea san diego padre orlando hudson made a little league error last night. he forgot how many outs there were. hudson came over to catch a pop-up hit by ryan roberts, then throws the ball into the stands. nice gesture, but there's just one problem. it was only the second out in the inning. hudson immediately tried to get the ball back, but it was too late. the umpire awarded the base runner on third a walk home, and the diamondbacks went up 4-0 and eventually won the game 6-1. oops. >> he's kicking himself. 5:20. a nationals executive is apologizing this morning for a mental error of a different sort. doug harris, the director of player development for the nats, came under fire after he
5:21 am
compared the scrutiny facing prospect bryce harper to the hardships faced by jackie robinson. he sent a statement saying he meant to speak about the scrutiny he encounters, and it pails in comparison to the life of mr. robinson and will not approach the lasting impact. >> that's a gaffe. >> i think people have to think about what they're saying before they put it out there. especially when they invoke the name of a ledgend like that. >> exactly. 5:21. let's go to tom kierein in stormcenter 4. glorious eastern horizon now. not very humid. we can actually see capitol hill this morning. the humidity has really dropped, and we've got excellent visibility around the region. the temperatures have reached just the low 70s in many locations to near 70 around parts of shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, central shenandoah valley. out in the mountains, many of those locations are just in the
5:22 am
60s now. southern maryland, near the bay, first light of dawn showing up there in the 70s. later today will be in the upper 80s by noon drs time with a bright sun and a blue sky. a beautiful summer evening coming up. after we reach mid-90s this afternoon, we'll be back down in the 80s through much of the evening and after midnight into the 70s. near 70 by dawn tomorrow. they're getting a little more humid on thursday. afternoon highs tomorrow mid-90s. hot and humid on friday. still looking like highs may reach upper 90s to near 100. on saturday, still rather humid up into the 90s with clouds around. also, the polt ssibility of a passing thunder shower and more of the same on sunday although a bit cooler. could get passing thunder showers. still rather humid and up near 90 for a high. monday and tuesday, things settle down and ought to be less humid. still hot, up into the low 90s both monday and tuesday. here's a look at traffic on this wednesday morning. how's it looking now, danella? >> we have a car fire on gw
5:23 am
parkway traveling northbound on i-66 blocking all of your lanes there. fire is on the scene. also want to take you to the beltway in virginia. this is the inner loop. i still have an accident. this is in your right shoulder lane at route 7. it may slow you down just a bit. be aware of that as you make your commute. in maryland, it's picking up steam in both directions. i can tell you it's clear. so far you're still traveling at a decent speed. it looks as though that's going to change very shortly. eun and joe, back to you. >> thanks very much, danella. 5:23. the happy meals are about to get a bit healthier. starting in september, mcdonald's will add a half order of apples and cut the fries in half. it's part of a new program cutting sugars, saturated fats, and calories from the happy meals. first lady michelle obama praised the move. she's been leading the way to fight childhood obesity. here's some not so happy news. the crusade against hot dogs. july is national hot dog month.
5:24 am
that is not enough to sway the physicians committee for responsible medicine. the d.c. group unveiled a new billboard in indiana comparing hot dogs to cigarettes. the group says eating one hot dog per day increases the risk of cancer. who eats one hot dog per day? another health experts disagree, saying hot dogs are certainly not health food, but they should not be considered to be toxic. >> you've got to have a hot dog once in a while when you go to the ballpark. >> not every day. i don't think most people do. >> few people eat hot dogs every day. watch out for a bear in loudoun county. yet another bear has been sighted walking through someone's yard. >> news 4's jackie benson spoke with a woman who took pictures of the wandering bruin just off route 15 in leesburg. >> i'm talking to my husband on the phone, and what do you know, i'm going hi, honey, and we're in the middle of a conversation. i go there's a bear. there's a bear in the yard! >> reporter: it was not something you'd expect to see on
5:25 am
a manicured suburban front lawn, but there it was, a bear. it was captured on camera by michelle after the usual drama you expect from people who saw a bear in their house. >> my mom comes running in the room of the there's a bear. there's a bear. i'm thinking she's lying. this is just a joke. >> we're all staring out the window watching the bear walk through the woods. we clicked this picture from the window here. the bear continued to walk across the street, between those two houses. >> reporter: there have been several bear sightings in the leesburg area in recent months. experts say it's the time of year that 2-year-old cubs leave the den. with more open space being lost each year to development, man and bear are crossing paths more often. animal control officials advise the following. do leave the bear alone. don't leave food outside that will attract them in the first place. this includes open bowls of pet food and an open barbecue drip pan. >> my brother ran outside trying to get pictures of the bear. me and my mom were freaking out but not want to go go outside to
5:26 am
get him in case there was another bear, like mama bear. >> reporter: animal behavior experts say the not a surprise the bear ended up in their backyard. take a look back there, a heavily wooded area, and just across the street, another wooded area. the experts theorize the bear was trying to find a new home. reporting from leesburg, jackie benson, news 4. >> we're a little skeptical this morning. >> well, it's the oddest looking bear i've ever seen. >> it does look like it could be a big man, a large person on his hands and knees. >> well, our director kurt nielsen has been known to dress up as a panda and probably a bear. >> look, look, is that a zipper i see or no? >> looks like kurt. you ought to see kurt in his giraffe costume. it's really disconcerting. very strange looking bear. 5:26 is our time. coming up, the surveillance photos police hope will help them catch a serial
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police officer arrested this morning. a local cop is accused of luring a man into his home, sexually assaulting him and shooting him as he ran away. serial slasher. police say they have their suspect on tape. now they need help tracking him down. good morning. i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you. i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, the 27th day of july. let's take a live look outside. what a gorgeous dawn here in the nation's capital. a lot of color out there on the horizon. beautiful pinks and golds and blues. 77 degrees. low humidity too. >> the birds are tweeting. eun's been tweeting. >> i have a tweet about your weather. >> get tweeting. we've got a wonderful day under way. a spectacular summer day. later today up into the low to mid-90s. it will be a dry heat with low
5:31 am
humidity. right now temperatures are generally near 70 in montgomery county and fairfax county. right now arlington county is in the low 70s. prince george's county mid-70s. and it's in the low and mid-70s southern maryland near the bay. right on the waters, it's near 80. right now reagan national near 80. that's the warm spot. elsewhere, we're down into the 60s in the shenandoah valley. in parts of west virginia, it's only in the low 60s as well as western maryland. quite a beautiful start to this day. our sunrise will be at 6:05. a little more than a half hour away. by 9:00 we should be into the low 80s and a beautiful summer day by noontime. it's going to get rather hot. if we're going to the pool, heading to the beach. you'll need sun block with this dry weather. you get a quick burn without sun block. highs reaching mid-90s by midafternoon. by late afternoon, we'll still be right around 90 degrees. a look at your night planner coming up in ten minutes at 5:41. now let's check on the wednesday morning traffic.
5:32 am
danella, how's it looking? if you're traveling on 110 west at i-66, i have a car fire blocking two of your lanes there. fire department is on the scene. if you're traveling north of the occoquan, this is 95. you're going to see traffic out of dale city. it will continue as you make your way towards the occoquan. it's that time of morning, and 95 north is picking up steam. traveling 270, you're slow heading south out of urbana, and your delays will continue past 109 and past the weigh stations. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you, danella. today executives from moody's investors and standard & poor's will testify on capitol hill about the credit rating industry and its impact on the debt ceiling debate. s&p has already warned it will lower the credit rating even if the u.s. avoids default. moody's is also reviewing the u.s. credit rating. and more concerns that the vote on one of the two possible bills to end the debt debate has
5:33 am
been postponed. with less than a week to go, the white house is threatening a veto yet again if that bill were to pass. nbc's tracie potts joins us from capitol hill this morning with more on all of this. good morning, tracie. >> reporter: good morning, joe. john boehner's plan on the house side, the republican plan, which he said would save $1 trillion, apparently won't, according to the congressional budget office. he's $150 billion short. so it's back to the drawing board while they try to find the rest of those savings. boehner is postponing that vote. he can only lose 22 republican votes and still get this through the house. 10 of his republicans have already said they're not voting for their party leader's plan. now on the democratic side, harry reid's so-called backup plan, the democrats' plan in the senate, that vote also being postponed. more savings believed to be there, but it doesn't touch medicare or social security, and some republicans are saying we've got to hit those two in
5:34 am
order to get some real cuts in real programs. even democrats aren't too happy with this one, but they say at least it would avoid default in six days. joe? >> tracie potts reporting live. tracie, thanks very much. breaking news right now, a suicide bomber has killed the mayor of kandahar, afghanistan. afghan officials say the assassination happened at the mayor's office just after he arrived for work this morning. the mayor is the third major political figure in afghanistan killed this month. more breaking news from abroad. take a look at this video from south korea right now. crews are out trying to save people trapped by torrential rain and landslides. these dangerous conditions killed at least 22 people. among the dead, ten college students out doing volunteer work. more than 800 homes are also flooded in seoul and the surrounding areas. about 15 inches of rain fell in just 17 hours. one of mt. rainier's top
5:35 am
police officers is waking up in police custody this morning. police say officer gene gillette tried to sexually abuse a young man and then shot him as he tried to run away. news 4's tracee wilkins is live in mt. rainier with the latest. tracee, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, eun. gene gillette has been with the mt. rainier police department for three years. first year he was voted rookie of the year and then officer of the year the following two years. yesterday he turned himself into prince george's county police on multiple charges. this is photos of 27-year-old gene gillette turning himself in to prince george's county police yesterday. he was indicted on many charges including attempted murder, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment, and sexual assault. this all stems from a shooting that happened outside gillette's capitol heights home earlier this month. gillette said he shot a man who was trying to carjack his vehicle and was off duty at the time. but a police investigation revealed the shooting victim was actually lured to gillette's
5:36 am
home under false pretenses. "the washington post" reports that the young man went there thinking he was going to make a pornographic movie with women. the victim's dad said he went there thinking he was going to a party. whatever the case may be, the male victim alleges that gillette tried to sexually assault him. he said, when he tried to get away using gillette's vehicle, that's when he was shot and also pistol whipped. hear now from the victim's dad. >> i think that for him to be officer of the year for two years straight, somebody ought to -- somebody should have picked this up by now. i heard he's a good cop and everything, but how could a good cop be out there doing this? i'm sure there's other people out there that he might have done this to. maybe they'll come forward. if they are, i sure wish they would and put this sick guy away. >> reporter: gillette has been suspended without pay and his police powers revoked. i'm tracee wilkins live this morning in mt. rainier. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you.
5:37 am
this morning fairfax county police hope a few grainy photos will help crack the case of a serial slasher. police released the surveillance photos of the man he's looking for. police say he's cut five young women all on their back sides and all in retail stores. these pictures were from monday's attack at the fair oaks mall. police believe the same man attacked three other women in the fair oaks area, another at tyson's corner, and a fifth in the greenbrier shopping center. 5:37. 77 degrees. the reason employees in one
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5:40 am
our time is 5:40. look at that glorious picture. come to your tv sets and take a
5:41 am
gander. clear skies, clear air, and beautiful sunrise on the horizon. >> it's nice when you can see that much sky in the morning. that means lower humidity. meteorologist tom kierein is standing by in the stormcenter with weather and traffic on the ones. good morning to you, tom. >> that low humidity moved in yesterday. it's been in place overnight. from petworth to glendale, mitchellville, falls church, aspen hill, it's down to the cool low 70s right now. and right at reagan national there on the warmer waters of the potomac it's near 80 as well as right near the bay. elsewhere, we're in the 70s most of the region. and only in the 60s most of the shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia and much of western maryland and west virginia. sunrise at 6:05. by noontime, we'll be in the upper 80s. bright sun and a blue sky with low humidity throughout the day. we ought to peak in the low to mid-90s by midafternoon. by late afternoon back down to near 90 degrees. then overnight tonight, here's your night planner. if you're heading out this wednesday evening, a beautiful summer evening coming up. we'll be in the 80s through the
5:42 am
evening and still be very humid. mostly clear. by late evening we'll be down into the upper 80s. we'll be heating up. i'll tell you how hot by the end of the week as well as the weekend in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? the car fire at 110 west is now only blocking your right lane at i-66. i can tell you there's a tow truck on the scene now. hopefully, this car will be out of the way very shortly. a look at our roadways right now. traveling the beltway in maryland at seven locks, the beltway is picking up some momentum. i can tell you there are no accidents and no significant or major delays at this time. traveling in virginia, this is 66 and nutley. i-66 as you head east, you're going to see your volume increase. good news for you, both inside and outside of the beltway in both directions. no accidents are hindering your commute this morning. back to you, joe and eun. >> thank you, danella. time is 5:42. ahead,
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welcome back. at 5:45 this morning, it's the beginning of the end of an era for wounded warrior care in the district. members of the military will hold the first farewell ceremony atwal ter reed army medical center as it prepares to shut down. news 4's elaine reyes is live with details. good morning. >> reporter: a flag retirement ceremony, also known as a casing of the colors ceremony, will get under way here atwal ter re wal this morning. many will celebrate the 110 years that this hospital has served u.s. troops even u.s. presidents. walter reed and its patients will move to a brand new facility in bethesda, maryland. it's all part of a decision made
5:47 am
by brac, the base realignment and closure commission. they have treated wounded troops from every american conflict since world war i. the facility came under fire in recent years for falling into disrepair with poor conditions. but hundreds of thousands of patients, their families, and retirees have come to walter reed for treatment and followup care every year. this campus will close for good on september 15th, and much of the land and the buildings here will be split amongst the district of columbia and the state department. reporting live from walter reed, elaine reyes, news 4. >> elaine, thank you. decision 2012 could include virginia governor bob mcdonald. mitt romney said mcdonald is on his short list of vice presidential candidates. according to a conservative blogger, the presidential candidate made the comment at a fund-raiser in virginia beach. romney called mcdonald an incredible governor who would be
5:48 am
on anybody's short list for vice president. romney also said his short list includes new jersey governor chris christie and florida senator marco rubio. thanks but no thanks is what some fairfax employees are saying about plans to give them a raise. they claim they should be getting more money. there are 11,000 fairfax county employees who haven't received a pay increase in years because of budget shortfalls. now the county has a projected surplus, and they want to give the workers a 1.5% raise. county unions, though, say that won't cover the cost of an increase in health insurance. they want a raise of at least 3.5%, the same as their colleagues in other local counties. loudoun county awarded their employees a 3% raise. arlington is awarding their employees 4%. the retirees received 3%, and the fairfax county public school employees will receive an average of 3.5%. we feel we need to receive a 3.5% raise just to stay, keep up
5:49 am
with the surrounding jurisdictions. >> fairfax county board of supervisors expects to make a final decision on what to do with the surplus in september. just as practice for fall sports gets going, a new law will protect those in the district. mayor vincent gray will sign the concussion protection act of 2011. it will require d.c. student-athletes to be removed from play at even the hint of a concussion. the redskins are wheeling and dealing. the team is working to finalize a deal to trade quarterback donovan mcnabb. according to several reports, the minnesota vikings are in trade talks with the skins to acquire the veteran quarterback. the holdup, however, is reported to be mcnabb's wealthy contract. the vikings will likely want to restructure it so they don't have to pay him as much money. the redskins would receive two
5:50 am
sixth round draft picks in return for mcnabb. one man who will be back in the burgundy and gold is santana moss. the receiver is the first skins free agent. moss agreed to a three-year deal worth $15 million. he had one of the most productive seasons last year. he had 93 catches and 6 touchdowns. espn is reporting the redskins agreed to a deal with new york giants defensive lineman barry cofield early this morning. the potential replacement for albert haynesworth will reportedly sign a six-year $36 million contract friday. the 27-year-old cofield is coming off one of his best years with a career high 54 tackles and four sacks last season for the giants. replacement for albert haynesworth or not, haynesworth's agent said that washington's $100 million man plans to show up at camp when players are required to report tomorrow. it's no secret that coaches think that haynesworth underperformed on the field last season. he also got into plenty of
5:51 am
trouble off the field. the former pro bowler was sus penn suspended for the last four games of the season and was publicly criticized by offensive coordinator jim haslett. players are talking publicly about haynesworth. >> it wears you down. albert don't want to talk about it. we don't want to talk about it. we want to focus on us as a team. last year and years previous, we talked too much about individuals that had problems with the organization and stuff like that instead of trying to go out there and perform well >> so far there has been little interest by other teams in acquiring haynesworth. >> if you can't wait to see some football in person, redskins practices will soon be open to the public. beginning this saturday, july 30th, fans will be able to get into redskins park to watch the teamwork out. gates open at 8:30 in the morning. you will need a training camp fan invitation, but you can get one for free via e-mail.
5:52 am
you just head over to and fill out a simple form. they will then send you the pass. fans can attend 11 practices this season. i guess practices begin tomorrow. so the heat's going to return, right? it's going to be ugly out there. >> a lot of those guys may not be in peak condition either. it's going to be really taxing as we'll be having more humidity tomorrow. today off to a glorious start this morning. here's a live view from our sky there is watcher camera overlooking northeast in the foreground. prince george's county in the distance under an apricot swirl sunrise and me without a spoon. temperatures around the region are pleasant. there's a live picture from our city camera showing the calm waters of the potomac river and right on the waters that are certainly lukewarm. it's around 80 degrees at reagan national. the dewpoint still not very bad. it's right around 60 degrees. that's comfortably dry. a light northerly breeze now. the temperatures elsewhere down into the low 60s in much of west virginia and the shenandoah
5:53 am
valley the mid-60s to panhandle of west virginia. but then closer to washington we're right near 70 in prince george's county and montgomery, fairfax county, arlington county near 70. much of maryland near 70 as well. right on the waters around the bay, it's near 80. eastern shore they're in the low to mid-70s. over the last 1 hours one little shot of a thunderstorm coming through that passed short of washington. those are dissipated. now we've got a clear sky. we'll have a delightful summer day today. temperatures will be climbing by 9:00. low 80s. sunrise at 6:05, getting a little later each day. by noontime upper 80s. bright sun and a blue sky, just a gorgeous day. here's your night planner, sunset 8:24. by midevening low 80s. by late evening upper 70s under a mostly clear sky. by dawn tomorrow, we'll be dawn near 70 degrees. it will be a bit more humid on thursday. afternoon highs mid-90s and quite a bit of hazy sunshine
5:54 am
around then. even hotter for friday, up into the upper 90s by friday afternoon. maybe briefly up near 100 degrees and certainly feeling hotter than that with the humidity. still rather humid on saturday. partly sunny, into the mid-90s. could get afternoon and evening storms. keep that in mind for your plans. outdoor activities on saturday. again on sunday too. might get passing thunderstorms, a bit cooler. and a bit less humid monday and tuesday. highs low 90s and partly cloudy. danella, how's traffic? good news if you're traveling on 110 west. the earlier car fire is now clear and all your lanes are open. let's take a live look right now. i want to show you 395 at edsall road. volume is increasing here on 395. as you head north, the story is a little bit better as you cross the 14th street bridge, and this time it is nice and clear. also want to show you 270 at father hurley boulevard. 270 south, your traffic first begins as you make your way out of urbana, head towards
5:55 am
clarksburg. going to see relief at clarksburg, but as you continue towards shady grove, that's when your volume is going to increase as you make your way towards the spur. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. joe and eun, back to you. no traffic report needed if you live in this curiously placed home. if you take the beltway through annandale, you've probably noticed this house peering out on the highway near gal owes road. if live that close to 495, if you think that would be unbearable, you would be correct. no one actually does live in that house. vdot actually owns it. it's using it as a field office for crews working on the hot lanes project. the house will be demolished next year when the project is completed. a city official responsible for making the district more bicycle friendly was hit when riding her bike to work. harriet tregoning was crossing the street near the convention center when a car ran a red
5:56 am
light and side swiped her. as the city's director of planning, she plays a major role in making sure everyone is safe who uses them. her bike was not rideable after the crash, but she was not injured. a one-day pass honoring an icon. it's a commemorative pass marking the dedication of the martin luther king jr. memorial. you can buy the one-day passes at metro sales facilities and stores as well as on the transit agency's website. the cost is $9. you can ride all day on that pass. martin luther king jr. memorial will be open to the public on august the 22nd. one of this country's most historic post offices may soon be history itself. >> the philadelphia post office in the building benjamin frankly once owned is one of 3,700 post offices nationwide the postal service is thinking of closing. dozens of post offices in our area may also be on the chopping block. that includes the potomac office in alexandria. the postmaster general is
5:57 am
looking for ways to save money. you can find the complete list of all the offices being reviewed on our website at and search for the words "post office." the west nile virus is back here in washington. the d.c. department of health reports that mosquitoes tested positive for west nile in woodley park, west morgan, and cleveland park. in some cases west nile virus can cause serious neurological problems and even death. men and women have more than just an equal vote in the capitol. the new women's room opened just off the house floor. it's supposed to be pretty nice, just as nice as the nearby men's room. the restroom was built in response to a legal complaint filed in 2007. it claimed the men's room was much nicer and closer to the house floor than the ladies room. the new loo used to be the parliamentarian's office. where did he go to? you know, just pushed him right out. >> our time right now is 5:57.
5:58 am
5:59 am
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